Apple invitation translated

Dear readers, one of the main strategies that we have discussed in this blog is almost here and it will be announced at September 10th.

The Ibuy strategy it’s just starting/postponed for a few months.


For your information the invitation has different meanings that I will explained.

Colors – iPhone 5c different colors no news here.

Circles – represents the home button with fingerprint sensor

The sentence – brighten everyone shopping, this is the big new business (coming in a few months)

But I don’t see no one talking.

“Brighten everyone’s day” it can’t be a cheaper iPhone with different colors. Give me a break!

You heard here first at Applenism.

Ibuy (in Pictures)

As we approach the announcement (Iphone 5S/ 6) in June of what we call Ibuy, e-wallet, Ishopping strategy, that Apple is designing with world ambitions, we would like to give you just a snapshot with pictures instead of words.

With the courtesy of and

The future has already been written, in the patents of course.

Ibuy1 Ibuy2 Ibuy5 Ibuy4 Ibuy3 Ibuy6


Dear readers as promised we are here announcing one possible target acquisition from Apple, far-fetched, but it makes sense.

In the last conference Call, on 23rd April 2013, Tim Cook said “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014”.

In Hardware and Software sector, we could guess more of the same plus new categories (Iwatch, Itv), but in the services sector what could generate significant revenues when the Itunes store reaches more than 8 billion USD per year in revenues in 2013. Obviously, the Ibuy strategy, that we have been mentioned in this blog, may be the answer.

Apple is building the ecosystem for this bold move, but for the project to work; one thing missing is the connection to the banks for the electronic payments, dependence on the credit card companies is not an option.
If you want to take the world retail commerce by storm you have to invite the banks to this game, and reduce margins for the credit card companies.

Now for Apple to manage this information on different countries with so many different banks, they should take a leap forward and acquire Monitize PLC, a UK company, which operates a mobile banking platform that provides real-time information, security and payment services.

The company has a Market Capitalization of 812 Million USD, not a Big Amount with so much cash on the sidelines (140 Billion USD and counting).

Monitise only has 20 million users against the 500 million accounts of Itunes Store, but they have agreements’ with 300 financial institutions in the world, some of the work has been done, it only needs scale that Apple could provide.
Their software works on the main Apple competitors, but if they acquire the company and maintain the strategy on the rival platforms they could leverage the business. Apple already has work with their main rivals remember Safari and Itunes Store working in Windows.

Let’s seat back and watch the linking of the last pieces of the puzzle that will take marketing and financial transactions by storm. Imagine if we are right, how much is the value of knowing what everybody’s buys on a global scale, its more information that amazon sells our facebook likes.

If you want to find more on Monitise PLC take a look on the link below:

Disclaimer: We do not have any position on Monitise PLC we are only connecting the dots.

Ibuy (Part 4)

The Ibuy strategy that Apple is creating, one of the new big businesses that they will enter in the 2013, is becoming more apparent with the latest patent.
The last one is the confirmation of what we’ve said with the WIFiSLAM acquisition. Apple is determined to create a new buy and advertise experience at the retail street level on a worldwide base.

The patent number 20130083055, which defines 3D Position Tracking for Panoramic Imagery Navigation, basically the equivalent to Google Street view, but with an interesting twist.

At one point in the patent there is this paragraph:

“Similarly, if the observer is standing in front of an entrance to a structure, and a forward translation is detected, the forward translation can be mapped to a navigation command to move the observer into the structure or perform a zoom operation. When the observer is inside the structure, forward/backward translation could perform other actions, such as selecting an object for purchase, etc. “

Putting the pieces of the puzzle ,you can get the idea that, as you pass by your favourite store, you will receive a warning message of a new promotion, enter the store, and buy the product only with an Iphone. That is the ultimate consumer retail experience, local and personalized on a worldwide scale.

You can checked the patent here

And for illustrations, courtesy of

Coming Next on the Ibuy chapter, we will announce a possible target acquisition that could be on Apple shopping list, for the aceleration of the Global Ibuy strategy.


Who doesn’t know some friend our suffer in the past from iPhone water drop syndrome (Tip if it falls in to the water, use rice to eliminate the humidity after it dries of course).
With the launch of iPhone 6 in mid 2014, this problem will be solved. Apple will adopt to every mobile electronic gadget, waterproof resistance. It will start with iwatch, of course, and then it will be extended to the iPhone and iPad.

The technology used, is once again liquidmetal (you will here many times about this company). This metal which will be used outside, has a shell case ,of Apple mobile devices, will be used inside, has a sealant.

You can view the patent here:

or a little resume below:

“An interfacial layer and seal can be a part of an electronic device, such as, for example, a part of the housing of the device or an electrical interconnector. For example, in one embodiment, the interfacial layer or seal can be used to connect and bond two parts of the housing of an electronic device and create a seal that is impermeable to fluid, effectively rendering the device water proof and air tight such that fluid cannot enter the interior of the device.”

And what type of electronic devices this may be applied?

An electronic device herein can refer to any electronic device known in the art. For example, it can be a telephone, such as a cell phone, and a land-line phone, or any communication devices, such as a smart phone, including, for example an iPhone™, and an electronic email sending/receiving device. It can be a part of a display, such as a digital display, a TV monitor, an electronic-book reader, a portable web-browser (e.g., iPad™), and a computer monitor. It can also be an entertainment device, including portable DVD player, conventional DVD player, Blue-Ray disk player, video game console, music player, such as a portable music player (e.g., iPod™), etc. It can also be a part of a device that provides control, such as controlling the streaming of images, videos, sounds (e.g., Apple TV™), or it can be a remote control for an electronic device. It can be a part of a computer or its accessories, such as the hard driver tower housing or casing, laptop housing, laptop keyboard, laptop track pad, desktop keyboard, mouse, and speaker. The seal can also be applied to device such as a watch or a clock.

But that’s not all. For the buttons, they will be using a silicone rubber seal that has been described in the patent number 20120055767, with pictures below (courtesy of

In resume, in the summer of 2014, you can be making a phone call in the swimming pool, our at the beach, with no risk of damaging your device.

Indoor gps (IBuy part 3)

Apple latest acquisition of Wifislam, for 20 million USD, has been seen by the media as boost for maps application. This could be a small step for maps but a giant step for the Ibuy ecosystem.

I will explained.

If you go to the company’s web site you would find the main capabilities of the application, which I post here:

Allow your smartphone to pinpoint its location (and the location of your friends) in real-time to 2.5m accuracy using only ambient WiFi signals that are already present in buildings.

We are building the next generation of location-based mobile apps that, for the first time, engage with users at the scale that personal interaction actually takes place. Applications range from step-by-step indoor navigation, to product-level retail customer engagement, to proximity-based social networking.”

I imagine that it could help Apple to compete with Google, but everyone is losing the big picture.
On the IBuy strategy that I previously talked on other post, this is the application that let retailers define their physical space for the interaction with customers in the marketing business (iAd, promotions and financial transactions).

The application allows you to define in Maps your physical space.
Imagine a store inside a shopping mall, that could be determined with a 2.5 m accuracy. Then, with the tools that Apple is developing (NFC , e-wallet) it could interact with customers as they passed by, in the store.
The process is customized by each retailer, so it means it has scale on a global base.

Iwatch and the FDS

The much anticipated Iwatch has been dominating the media. Reporters have covered the subject on different angles, but, I never saw anyone, talking about this patent, which is not directly related to Apple but it is implied, because there is a exclusive license agreement with liquidmetal technologies in the category of electronic devices.
The patent US 20130037832 A1 defines a Foldable display structure which use an OLED screen, that can be rolled our folded into compact shapes.
The problem with OLED screen is, it does not have structural stability and rigidity to maintain a flat shape with multiple use. The addition of a structure of amorphous alloy at the back of the screen can solved the problem. The patent covers FDS for all types of products , tv, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Examining in detail the patent you can guess that the first application probably will be a watch. The detail of the structure clearly looks like a bracelet.

Imagine a OLED screen with a metallic structure in the back, cut in very small peaces and then linked all, by some ribbons or fibers, like a metallic bracelet.
You can see in the picture below, the bracelets in detail with different structure arrangements.


The new new thing will be the bracelet, which will open the door to many new products. If you want to find other new products, you just have to read the all document.

Siri your Personal Life Trainer

Siri, launched in 2011, is an intelligent personal assistant, which offers conversational interaction with the contacts, calendar, weather, email and several other applications of the iPhone.
After launched in the major spoken languages in the world, it will moved to the next stage.
It will analyse all your data in your different IOS devices (Iphone, Ipad, ITV, Iwatch, Icar, you get the picture) and giving you advice.1200-siriFrom activating to our voice command, it will start to be activated automatic whenever it is helpful.
Siri will have full access to our daily applications, Facebook, twitter, email, messages, it will analyse by GPS all our trips, google search, and provide advise. It will warn you of your stocks falling our going up, it help you choose a restaurant, base on the different restaurants that you go. It give you constant feedback of traffic, when driving and warned to you if your late for a meeting. It can give you advise on what to see on TV based on your Facebook likes, and TV history.
Full access to your digital life will come with a huge privacy firewall, Apple will be forbidden to give individual data to others but it can insert publicity base on your tastes in Siri.
The evolution of Siri will be by modules, first analyse your track data on the iPhone, google search, Facebook, Amazon (the big ones), and them move on to different applications. This data was closed in 2013, it will be exchange between Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple, for a higher priority, which is knowing your client. Big Data exchange accords will be announced and effective transfer will be possible only when people authorize, these agreements will benefit all the companies and consumers. Your Digital Mentor has just been invented back in 2011, you just still was not introduced.

Samsung Vs Google

Is Samsung so strong as the media keeps talking?

It does not control the software.
Their range of products don’t feel and act the same way.
The company spends 3 times more than Apple in advertising, that means, customers aren’t aware of the products.

Google on the other side doesn’t make money with Android and Samsung doesn’t even mentions Google on their products. How can this marriage have a future?

With the introduction of Google phone, this perfect marriage will end, each side will try to retain the latest feature exclusively on their product.
With the launch of new gadgets (itv, iwatch, icam) will android be able to compete when both players have different priorities.
The NFC was an example of the marriage problem, it was a feature of the Samsung Galaxy but it was adopted by society when introduced in the iPhone, it had a complete solution to consumer and to retailers.